Job title: Primavera P6 Project Planner/Scheduler
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Engineering
Salary type: Annual
Location: Bakersfield, CA
Job published: 02/19/2020
Job ID: 32104

Job Description

National Engineering Consultancy Firm is looking for a Project Planner/Scheduler with heavy Primavera P6 experience.


Minimum Experience Requirements:

10 years working with Primavera P6

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works preferred but not required


Location: Lake Isabella, CA (Near Bakersfield, CA)

Job Description:

Review and analysis of initial (baseline) resource loaded, critical path method (CPM) schedule / network diagram submissions provided by the construction contractor(s) in electronic format (P3 or P6). Review and analysis shall include:

1. Review for conformance to construction contract requirements for baseline schedule submission including but not limited to:

a) Resource loading (labor, materials/costs, etc.)

b) Overall duration (critical path length from NTP to final completion does not exceed contract duration)

c) Individual activity format (ID number, description, trade code, duration in work days, cost, location code, manpower, etc.)

d) Inclusion of all necessary and required contractor activities (time for obtaining permits; making submittals; internal submittal reviews; making and coordinating shop drawings; performing quality reviews of submittals, samples, or mock-ups; producing templates; delivery; layout; abatement; demolition; construction; pre-testing; balancing. adjusting; testing; required Commissioning activities; inspection)

e) Inclusion of all necessary and required Government actions including RE and AE review of submittals , shop drawings, equipment schedules, samples, templates, or similar items; commissioning activities; formal testing; formal inspection; etc.

f) Inclusion of required phasing/sequencing and/or constraints

g) Individual activity/event durations

h) Trade relationships & movement of trades

i) Supporting data including work days per week, holidays, shifts per day, hours per shift, major construction equipment, narrative plan for executing construction, etc.

2. Review and analysis of contractor schedule logic including sequence of work, logic ties, presence of inappropriate constraints or inappropriate durations or predecessor/successor relationships, broken ties, etc.

a. Review and analysis of construction contractor monthly resource loaded, critical path method (CPM) schedule submissions provided by the construction contractor(s) in electronic (P3 or P6) format. Review and analysis shall include:

      • Comparison of current month to previous month to determine:

a) construction contractor progress;

b) changes in logic;

c) changes to the construction duration and/or the critical path resulting from contractor, government, or weather caused delays;

d) proper insertion of activities associated with changes (whether impacting the critical path or not);

      • Analysis of frag nets (parallel runs) associated with contract changes proposed/added in the last month (contractor monthly schedule submissions will typically include frag-net logic agreed to by the SRE and contractor during the period)
      • Analysis to determine or confirm cause for slippage (i.e. actual vs planned resources, contract modifications to add or remove work, weather, etc.)
      • Contractor proposed changes in logic to recover the schedule
      • Comparison of current schedule to current baseline (i.e. schedule including previously approved modifications) to determine value of completed work based on resource loaded schedule (i.e. earned value),
      • Other analysis as may be required based on schedule contents, format, changes, etc.