Job title: Project Manager Engineer - Building Assessments
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Location: Ohio
  • Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • ADA Audit
  • PCA
  • HUD
  • Freddie Mac
  • Needs Assessment
  • P.E.
  • R.A.
  • Risk Management
  • Physical fitness
  • Fannie Mae
Salary type: Annual
Job published: 08/21/2019
Job ID: 32058

Job Description

Our consulting client is currently seeking a Project Manager to join our expanding Building Assessment division. As a Project Manager, your primary responsibilities will include performing Property Condition Assessments of existing commercial properties, monitoring new construction or renovation projects, and assisting with energy and ADA audits.  Working knowledge of these specialty services is a plus. Experience in performing Property Condition Assessments and writing technical reports is a plus.

The Project Manager position is a unique opportunity that will expose you to all building types and all building systems.  You will have the opportunity to assess and report on the property condition of various commercial projects such as multifamily residential, office, hospitality, retail, industrial, educational, religious, educational, recreational, medical, and assisted living property types, as well as manufactured housing and marinas.  The project manager should be familiar with the performance of building and site systems.  A candidate for this position should have a background in architecture, engineering, building forensics, or construction management.  A college degree in one of these disciplines as well as industry experience is required.  Property condition assessment work requires technical writing proficiency, photography skills, understanding of cost estimating for general budget purposes. 

Within Construction Risk Management, the Project Manager will assist our clients in identifying construction risks and keep them informed as to a project’s construction status.  This is an exciting position. No other position will expose you to all of the intricacies and stakeholders of the real estate development and delivery process.  You will work on various commercial projects such as residential, office, hospitality, retail, and distribution/warehousing.

Responsibilities for the project manager will include the following:

  • Make forensic assessment of major building systems and distressed conditions
  • Take photos of site and building system conditions
  • Conduct basic interviews and research covering property maintenance history
  • Make recommendations for maintenance and probable costs for building systems using our cost and recommendation libraries
  • Write clear and concise condition and status reports using our in-house report templates
  • Conduct public records research regarding building, zoning, and fire code violations
  • Conduct periodic site visits to: monitor construction, review contractors’ requisitions for payment, and recommend the release of construction funds;
  • Observe general compliance of as-built conditions with the contract drawings and specifications;
  • Review construction schedules, trade payment breakdowns, job cost reports, and payment requisitions;
  • Manage multiple projects;
  • Be physically fit, capable of managing stairs as well as two or three story ladders.
  • Work as a team member, utilizing the experience and knowledge of senior authors who will review and critique your reports before delivery to our clients
  • Deliver outstanding client service with timely responses and proactive solutions.

We are seeking a professional, dedicated, enthusiastic individual with the following experience, skills and attributes:

  • Experience performing Property Condition Assessments (PCAs) and related projects;
  • Experience assessing building units utilizing comprehensive engineering/architectural practices;
  • Have knowledge and experience primarily in multifamily properties but also in assessing various property types (including but not limited to commercial buildings, manufacturing/industrial properties, office buildings from one story to high-rise, strip malls, shopping centers, and multi-family housing properties);
  • Experience with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or HUD guidelines preferred;
  • Property Needs Assessment experience preferred;
  • Bachelor’s degree in architecture, engineering or construction management, or equivalent field experience and licenses;
  • Certification as either a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect preferred;
  • Previous construction administration, construction management, architecture, engineering or similar experience
  • Knowledge of the entitlement/permitting process and construction delivery methods and agreements;
  • Familiarity with construction best practices, general building codes, and various building types;
  • Passion for being detail oriented and organized;
  • Proficiency in Word, Excel, and Outlook;
  • Advanced writing and communication skills;
  • Personable and able to communicate with people at all levels;
  • Willingness to travel if necessary;
  • Self-starter, resourceful, and the ability to work productively and independently on multiple projects at a time under strict deadlines with guidance from senior staff;